Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Food and friends...

These last few weeks have been a bit of a crazy blur for us as we have been finishing some semester-long projects and studying for exams. It hasn't just been serious though, we have made some time for fun. One evening, Doug and I decided to walk around in Wake Forest and got some yummy treats along the way.
Here is Doug with his favorite Lemon Squares from the Lemon Tree downtown:
I am a sucker for candy stores (pun intended). So, I dragged Doug into Sweeties, our candy store in Wake Forest. They had made peppermint flavored cotton candy...yum!
Then back at home, we enjoyed a calm evening by the 'fire'.
We had a fun surprise from family, a package full of goodies (steaks, burgers, etc)...so we have enjoyed eating some amazing meals on them!
Another friend had given us a brownie mix, so when I needed to do some stress relieving baking...I enjoyed making this pan of brownies (people sure know how to give us good gifts!)
All the food we got along with the brownies gave us the opportunity to invite some friends over for dinner. Doug was in charge of the burgers...
We had so much fun eating and talking with friends...
We especially enjoyed having our apartment full of squeals and joy from these two little ones...

Nothing like some free meat and chocolate to bring people together! Thanks to those who provided good food for all of us! It was all enjoyed very much!

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