Friday, February 27, 2009

New dog and new house...

So here are a couple of pictures to begin the vast updating that I need to do. Here is our new puppy, Dallas. He is a Husky/Malamute and should grow to be about 75-80 pounds. He has already learned how to 'shake' for me and is doing a pretty good job about going to the potty outside....most of the time.

He LOVES the snow...

Here is a picture of part of our driveway. I walk here everyday with the dogs...I thought it was especially pretty with the snow.

Many of you saw a picture of our house covered in snow...well, all the snow melted last week so I got a 'spring' picture. Now we have another layer of snow...but just so you all can get a better idea of what we are living in all thawed out.

Our front door and porch...waiting for visitors!!!

More pictures to come of my birthday celebrations and our house 'updating' that has been going on!

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  1. Your house is so cute! I love yellow houses with front porches. I have also always wanted to live in the country--enjoy!
    PS. You have probably already explained this somewhere, but why is your blog called "LovelyFelix"?