Saturday, December 1, 2007

My nieces...and Anna

This morning Sahara had a piano recital. She did such a good job, we all were proud of her 30 second debut. Before she played there were a bunch of other kids who sang and some who played the piano, while I waited for Sahara's turn I was thinking. As I sat there, Bria my five year old niece was on my lap wiggling and doing her best to contain her boredom. I could feel her heart beating and she was breathing...and at times yawning loudly and all I could think of was Anna. Her aunt doesn't get to sit through a long recital with her on her lap anymore. I am so blessed, my family is so blessed, we have healthy, warm, breathing children to hold and kiss goodnight. I can't even begin to imagine the ache that must be settled in the hearts of everyone of Anna's family. Let's not forget to continue to pray for her family as they begin a year of newness without her there with them. As they celebrate Christmas, watch spring come, then summer, her birthday, mealtimes, bedtimes and miss her.

This evening I am sitting in the living room with my three nieces. We are watching Mulan...and the cute dog who is sleeping. A few minutes ago Sahara said,
"Heidi, did you hear that Anna died?".
I said yes and that I had gone to her memorial.
She said, "ya I knew that. I am sad that she died. She was only five."
Here is where Bria pipped in..."But she has a new body now, so she is, she feels better even." Sahara's response, "woh, really?! A whole new body!"
Bria, "Ya, everybody gets one when they die and go to heaven! Heidi, did they bury her yet?" Me, "yes, they buried her before the memorial on Thursday morning."
Both of the girls..."oh".
Sahara, "So, when they buried her, they put her in a box right?"
Me, "yes."
Sahara, "Her whole body? Like her head too?"
Me, "Yes her whole body."
Bria, "But that is her old body though...not her new heaven one."
Sahara, "ooooh! well, even though she is really happy in heaven. It is still sad to me that she is died."
Bria, "ya me too."
Me, "me too."


  1. what a sweet conversation. are you sure you need to leave all this? i'm kidding. love you, heidi!

  2. I know!!! But even if I don't leave, they are going to be moving too anyway!