Friday, November 30, 2007

In memory...

I just got back into Jackson from my trip to OKC, OK for Anna's memorial. There aren't really words to begin to explain what it is like to experience what I have over the last few days. On the drive there I thought a lot about words that I could share of comfort, of hope, just something. I didn't want to fumble over my words when I got I spent most of the 8 1/2 hour drive thinking on what I could say. At the end of it, I came up with nothing. What can you say to a grieving family who just lost their five year old? Do words really exist that would be worth saying to a mother who just lost her baby? No, there really aren't. When I got there I found that it didn't matter. After spending some time with Anna's family, I realized why I was there. To listen and to just be didn't matter what I said or didn't say. Anna's grandmother told me about Anna, showed me pictures, told me more stories about Anna. It was a sweet sweet time. It was good to be able to hear about Anna's life, about funny things she said; to share in the wonderful memories of her life.

There was more of this Thursday morning at her celebration service. A couple of people shared about Anna and how they were effected by her. One of the ladies shared great stories about Anna. At the end of the service they played a video of Anna singing in front of the church then another video of Anna singing and dancing to Bullfrogs and Butterflies...and as she flapped her arms out like a butterfly I read the front of the program that said, "Fly to Jesus...and live." Anna did fly to Jesus and she is alive. And like her daddy said during the service, speaking on how she must be so happy and being able to have fun, doing things that her earthly body could never do..."even if she had a choice, she wouldn't come back here."

"You are our Lord.
We never forget you.
We honor family and friends.
Bless our food.
Bless our spaghetti
When it is time to go to heaven,
we will be ready.
You are our God."
(said by Anna July, 2007)

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