Monday, February 12, 2007

It's been a while...

So I realize that I haven't posted since before Christmas...sorry! For the month of January I got to go and visit my sister in Yemen and now I have moved...yes again. But hopefully this time I will not have to move again for a while. I am hoping that the pictures I am trying to post will actually work...The one to the left is of me eating at Pizza Hut...I have now eated at Pizza Hut in three different countries.

To the right is a picture of some authentic Yemeni food that I got to enjoy while I was there. I ate so much the entire time I was there because the

food was amazing!

This picture is at Elephant Bay...named after the huge rock in the picture that looks like an elephant...I thought that was pretty cool.

This picture is me eating snow cream...the ice cream chain there. It was actually really good!

Well, that's all the pictures I am going to post for now! For everyone who is around Jackson, I have a new number and you can email me to get it! The picture down here is one of the big laughs we had while I was visiting Yemen...there is a great big sign for this drink in the airport in Sana'a...seriously, fizzy wizzy!


  1. We ate at a Pizza hut in Sanaa as well. I loved the food especially the food in people's homes. Glad you had a good time. Love, Dad

  2. Hey, I like the elephant bay...that is too cool.

  3. Did you take that first picture?? It is awesome! That and the elephant one would be cool to have on the wall. We have pizza hut also so you can add a fourth country! I'm guessing when you can visit mom and dad there is another one. :) How funny. I guess I have three also, US, India, and Thailand. Glad to see a new post. Hope your move went well...surely its helping keep your stuff to a minimum! :) The boys all say hi. Wesley is anxious to turn 5 soon.

  4. Great pictures!! I've seen the Elephant picture in movies before. Is that a Diet Pepsi you're drinking? Crazy! :) I love you in your covering--so modest! :)

  5. Great pictures! We are glad to have you back. :)

  6. I'm waiting for a blog on your party!!!