Thursday, August 17, 2006

Peace and quiet in my mouth...

Tonight I am spending the evening with Maggie and Chris...right now they are 'discussing' who gets which chocolate, each of the chocolates are a different shape and you know each shape tastes different even if they are made out of the same stuff. Chris said something funny a couple of minutes ago, it was an oddly silent few minutes at the dinner table when I commented on how they were being very quiet this evening. Maggie said something about when they aren't around other kids they are quiet...ya right. Then Chris replied, "It's not peace and quiet in my mouth!"...he is eating Captain Crunch for dinner...what a funny kid. Anyway, it made me think. How often do I appear as though things are peaceful and quiet in my heart when really emotions and thoughts are whirling out of control in there?! The answer is often. Mostly because I usually am in a situation where I feel it is the most appropriate to keep my mouth shut but also because I am so prideful. Even when I am with the people who I am closest to, I most often don't share the things that are raging war on my heart when I should. And I realize that it is because I don't want to be vulnerable, I don't want to be a burden and I like to look as though I have everything together...especially when I don't. But it is always freeing and growing when I take the extra step and put forth that extra energy to share my burdens...remind me of that when you think I need to hear it ok!
So a word to the proud like myself...get over it and let the people who love you know how they can be there for you or at least let them know when it's not peace and quiet in your heart. Even if they can't do anything about it, they can pray.

p.s. no one got any chocolate

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