Tuesday, May 9, 2006

Izard County, Arkansas

Here I am with Grandma G, we are in front of the schoolhouse that she went to school at growing up.

Here are Sahara and Bria, on the way there...yeah for road trips!
This is me ringing Grandma's old school bell...the same bell she used to ring when she taught school there years ago!
Family snapshots...This is at Aunt Betty's house where we had red velvet cake and ice cream with a bunch of diabetics.

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  1. Is that the old schoolhose at Boswell?

    I'm an ole hillbilly too!

    I've got a blogspot I've started just to share Izard County with anyone interested.

    It's called, Exploring Izard County.

    I have ties with Twin Creek, as well. My grandmother went to school in one of the old schoolhouses on Twin Creek Road. My mother and uncles attended school at Boswell.