Saturday, October 19, 2013

1,000 for 1

We have officially launched our 1,000 for 1 campaign. As we raise funds for our adoption, we want to involve as many people as we possibly can. Our desire is to be able to tell our child(ren) one day that thousands of people cared enough to help bring them home to us!

In order to do that, we need lots of help!

Here is the task:
Step 1. Say YES! Commit to complete the task within TEN DAYS!
Step 2. Think of 10 people.  (oh come on, you have way more friends/family than that! Think small groups/Sunday school from church, immediate or extended family, coworkers, or just give it all yourself on behalf of someone)
Step 3. Ask those 10 people for $10 each. (no biggie, cash, check or credit…we take them all) We also have a link where you can give online: Here
Step 4. Send us the $100 and the first names of each person who gave. (text, email, or snail mail…whichever you choose, let us know so we can ensure the funds get to us and to the correct account!)

Go ahead and complete step one now and let us know that you want to be one of the many who choose to care for our child right now!

With all our love and a huge amount of thankfulness,

Doug and Heidi

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