Thursday, September 12, 2013

Hello out there...

This time of life I am in lends itself to a good amount of busy-ness. I don't love being busy however the class load I am taking demands my constant attention. It's almost over, this whole college experience. I am happy about that and at the same time know I will miss this daily-learning-something-new thing which challenges and stretches my mind.
The fact of the matter is, this school I am in, it makes me read A LOT and write A LOT. There are thousands of words going in my brain through books and hundreds of words coming out in papers. Words, SO many words! So when it comes to sitting down to type and email or text a message, I find that I have run out of words...or the desire to express them.
So, friends and family...I do care about you and think about many of you daily. My expression of that may be scarce right now. Just don't take it personally, know that I care, I'm just lost in a swirling tornado of this thing called college. I would promise to do better but I know that things are not going to change until after school's done...December 13th guys, December...maybe I should start a countdown!
Until then...

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