Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Happy Birthday to Doug...

Doug's birthday was last month but we managed to stretch out the celebrations until last weekend! 
Cupcakes for his actual birthday...

 Last weekend we went to the fair for the was a beautiful day!

 Doug loves this ride! It is SO high up and then drops you in a free fall.  I will not ride it but Doug did twice!

 And of course, we had our fill of some yummy fair food! We enjoyed seeing all of the many, many choices and finally deciding on this place. That polish sausage was huge!

 We spotted this jerky stand, it made it into our pictures because it is Heidi Joe's Jerky, we didn't buy any though, it wasn't the best.

 Doug getting ready for a free-fall!

 We also had tickets to the Michael W. Smith concert that evening that was at the fair. We were ready to sit and relax a bit by the time the doors opened! Here we are waiting for the concert to start.

 The first few songs were a bunch of 'the oldies', we loved it because we knew them all!

 As the night went on, he got more and more energetic, he has lots of fun at his job! 
We had a great time too!
 After the concert, the sun had gone down so all the lights were on and the fair felt like a whole new place. It was so neat. Then the fireworks started and we watched them over the lights of the Midway. The pictures all came out kind of blurry but you get the idea.
Happy Birthday to Doug! We always love reasons to celebrate and this was a great year!

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