Friday, May 4, 2012


So, I try not to whine about this much but there is definitely a part of my heart that belongs in Africa. Another MK friend, who I am a tiny bit jealous of therefore I read her updates and live vicariously through her, put this blog post in her latest update. I love how it describes this "Saudade" sensation. I vaguely remember my sister and brother-in-law telling us about this word when we visited Portugal a couple of years ago but this writer did well in describing how it completes a feeling many of us often have.
Thinking about this word also makes me consider the friends I have who are going through this life completely unfulfilled because they do not have Christ. Just the other day a friend was describing to me her sense of happiness and how she had just come to the realization that there was no such thing as happiness, that it happens for moments at a time but that is all. She was describing to me her lack of joy, true joy. True joy that I receive only from God. She was describing "Saudade" that she experiences because she is trying to get by in this life without Jesus.

(p.s. Mom and Dad, I really need some old pictures from Kenya, none of the ones I have are digital)

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