Friday, June 11, 2010

Time is money...

First of the new templates that blogger is making available! And so easy to change! Fun times! Also, we have some updates coming on our multiplication blog so check it out too!
Secondly, a sort of update to bring our blog to a little bit more of a current state. The biggest thing going on right now is that we are planning on going on a trip for the month of October this year. We will be in India for half the month and then Portugal for the rest of it. We are super excited and are doing everything we can to ensure the tickets actually get bought so we can go on this ever anticipated trip. By 'everything we can' I mean, working extra as we can, raising money in every creative way we can think of and for the most part, praying that God will perform a modern day miracle and provide what we need for the trip!
The first month of fundraising we brought in almost $700, since then it has trickled down to $300 in May and then so far this month we have brought in $200 more...that is a total of $1,200. Pretty good right? Yah, it is accept for the fact that we need it to multiply by four in order to go. Well, ok not by four exactly but almost, we need another $2,800 to come in by the end of next month.
Think it can be done?? Any great fundraising ideas? Leave a comment if you do please!

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