Sunday, August 30, 2009

Oh Facebook...

Although I enjoy the fun of pictures and knowing what a number of people are doing at all times, this is why I don't fit in on Facebook....

Overly Fertile Mom: More potty news...Amy went #2 in the pot!!! What a relief from peeing on the floor to a nice present in the pot...yeah Amy!

Friend #1: That's great. . .we are excited for you!

Friend #2: nice one Amy! there is nothing worse than poop in underpants. maybe poop in underpants while out at the park 1/2 mile from the van!

Friend #3: WOW Amy!!! Way to go girl!

Overly Fertile Mom: tell me about it...the kids are scared to poo in the toilet...Taylor had trouble with peeing in the pot more-so than the poo...but Amy, I've been working with her for a while now and every time she needed to poo, she went and hid...behind the couch, under the table...augh, we are still in the let her run around half naked phase cause she only notices she's gotta go when she has nothing to catch it...

Friend #4: It's good to hear she is going where she is supposed to now!!!

Friend #5: YEAH AMY!!!! I am so excited for you!

Why do I lose touch with my friends once they have babies? Really? Do you need to ask that question? And I'm not knocking the potty's important to know not to poop your pants. I'm a bit of a perfectionist about that actually. Also, I'm not knocking being excited about your children's accomplishments.But. Dear Overly Fertile Mom who used to be my friend in high have just been hidden. Because...really?
I hereby solemnly swear that if the raisins make it, I will never post on Facebook about their poop or pee for all the world to read about, though I will quietly smile with pride when they float their first potty logs. I promise.

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  1. Reading this I must say I laughed outloud several times! I even found it so funny I read it to Scott. However I must be fair and warn you...Never say never...I don't know there's something about becoming a Mom, one day you just might find yourself posting on facebook about the first successful "poo in the potty" AND you might be too tired and exhausted to make it "funny and entertaining!" So don't ever say I didn't warn you when you do crazy things you never thought you would ever do! :)