Friday, January 23, 2009

my stagnant blog

I am sorry about the lack of bloggage happening here. We don't have internet at home and don't plan to get it back until after we, no promises about getting back into the swing of thing soon!
We got back from Canada and have been going going going since we got home! Doug has been busy at work...thanks to the many homes that have flood damage from the recent downpour that wouldn't stop. I have been busy packing the house in hopes that our ever impending move will happen sooner than it probably will.
We did take a break the other night and went out to one of our favorite places, Freddy's Just for the Halibut...SOOOO good! We don't get out much anymore so it was a special treat and a great way to celebrate out 8th monthiversary!
Well, my updates seem boring without pictures but alas, I have no control over this unfortunate circumstance! I hope all you internets are doing well and updating better than I am!

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