Saturday, October 25, 2008


So, when Dad and Mom visited we all went out the the pumpkin patch and got some great pumpkins!!! I didn't have my camera for that event but believe me, it was super fun. I did however capture the exciting carving party in digital is a good thing too because last night we got home and two of our pumpkins were gone...sad. BUT we still have the two big huge ones...which we haven't carved yet...


  1. So much fun! I am jealous - we aren't "allowed". Thought that one shows great artistic value it is a bit creepy - I like the friendlier second one.

  2. What kind of town ya livin' in??? People stealing pumpkins? Is this some kind of "thing" this year with people stealing pumpkins, or stickers of them? :)

    That pumpkin looks huge! Usually ours are super small and I had seen some the other day thinking they were big...but no, not after seeing yours!

    And yeah...trying to scare the neighborhood kids away? Creepy skull head guy....

  3. For the record...mine was the friendly pumpkin...:) Doug did the other one.