Monday, September 1, 2008


There's a first time for everything. Lately I have been struck by how many 'firsts' I have been having. I guess when I watch babies and toddlers start to learn and do new things it is always fun and exciting to watch them take their first step and hear their first words. Not much attention is given to our grown up firsts! Here are some of my firsts from the last few months!

I got married.
I registered for stuff at Target...and got some of it!
I picked out china...ok, dishes.
I bought men's underwear. (not for myself!)
I spent time on an Indian reservation.
I helped build a fence.
I turned down a management position at work.
I got a cat.
I cleaned out a litter box.
I rode a roller coaster that went upside-down...(first and last)
I visited Cape Disapointment.
I cut Doug's hair.

I am sure there are many's fun to point some out though!

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