Sunday, May 18, 2008


So, as some of you know from the before mentioned gentleman pictured in my previous post, I have been in a relationship with Doug for the last three months. We met each other at church when I first moved to Washington in our sunday school class. After some time of 'hanging out' off and on, we started in on a great big project at our church, finishing the building of the preschool wing at our new facility. During that time, we had the opportunity to get to know each other a little better and begun spending a lot more time together. Once the preschool wing was finished and we suddenly had free time again, we found ourselves spending all of that free time with each other. As you can tell, this whole thing snuck up on us both...and what a pleasant surprise it has been!
Over the last month, we have been talking and praying about what is next for 'us'. Seeking direction for our relationship and for what we are supposed to be doing to serve God with our lives. Since we are both in a place where we are starting new 'career' paths, we are totally open to whatever God has for us and wherever God has for us. So, the clearity of the whole deal was a challenge since we were asking and seeking about two very big decisions!
May 13th, it was a nice warm(ish) evening and we had been sitting out on the porch talking for some odd hours. When we stood up to go inside, he gave me a hug and asked me 'the' question. And of course, I said YES!!!
(sorry no pictures, as for a mishap at the ocean the digital camera is in digital heaven now...are there such things as engagement gifts???!?!)

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  1. so your facebook page says you're married.....

    explanation, please!!!